January 2019

Meeting was called to order by Sergeant At Arms Mr. Gatewood

Followed by pledge to the flag and Prayer by Floyd Johnson.


Reading minutes from September 2018 by Secretary Eddie Tardy.

Minutes were accepted.

President Charles Williams asked all members to introduce themselves (Branch of Service, etc.)


President Charles Williams mentioned that he had spoke with Bridget Jones (B V A Administration Director) in reference to election of officers. If no one wanted to run for office then officers would remain in the same position for another year.

President Charles Williams asked if anyone would like to run for President.

Wade Davis stated he would like to run for President

Doctor Tom Zampieri (B V A National Vice President) mentioned that Lawrence Hooper would like to run for Vice President and Charles Williamsstated that he wanted to run for Vice President because Lawrence Hooper was in the Emergency room downstairs and most likely not able to run.

Charles Williams nominated Eddie Tardy for Secretary

Wade Davis nominated Richard Davis for Treasurer

Mr. Gatewood suggested the only vote needed was for Vice President candidates Charles Williams and Lawrence Hooper

Ballots were counted 

10 votes for Lawrence Hooper

8 votes for Charles Williams

New Elected Officers for 2019 are as follows:

Wade Davis President

Lawrence Hooper Vice President

Eddie Tardy Secretary

Richard Douglas Treasurer

Doctor Tom Zampieri, stated he would swear in newly elected officers. 

President Wade Davis assumed his position as President and gave his qualifications. Mr. Davis stated he has served as national field service officer and currently works part time for 

B V A as blind rehabilitation insurance coordinator. He has served 11 years with B V A.

President Wade Davis paused and Doctor Tom Zampieri did swearing in:

Wade Davis

Eddie Tardy

Richard Douglas via telephone

President Davis listed his 7 objectives as President:

1. Greater involvement of Regional Group Officers in day to day operations

2. No secrets in our Regional Group- financial reports

3.  Regular newsletters sent to all members (educational and informative)

4. look into telephone conferencing calls at our meeting for those members unable to attend-due to sickness or poor health-to be able listen in and be a part of our meeting

5.  Get our auxiliary active again. they are a help and support to our regional group.

6. Regional group more involved in community activities. Possible to be on “Float in Veterans Day Parade”. Get our name out and recognized.

7.  Change the way people look at blinded veterans. No longer do we want their pity or hand out as an organization and would like us to do good.

Eddie Tardy stated he would appreciate members being involved with newsletter and how it is prepared. Encourage support for auxiliary organization.  Dianna Tardy stated she spoke with Edna Dixon (past national auxiliary president) in reference to Women Auxiliary group and encouraged ladies to consider being a part the newly formed group.

Charles Williams referenced monetary donations:

From relay guy $400.00

From Delta $2000.00

President Wade Davis stated next meeting is 2 March 

Charles Williams reminded group of BVA Ranch Trip to Rising Star Texas. 15 veterans and spouse/caregiver will attend. Discussion followed.

President Wade Davis stated our next meeting would be more formal.

Doctor Tom Zampieri suggested prayers for Lawrence Hooper newly elected Vice President.

President Wade Davis thanked group again for votes and promised to do his very best and gave his cell number 713 296 9980. President Wade Davis suggested to Eddie Tardy (Secretary) to add a tutorial in next newsletter for website access.  Meeting was adjourned by President Wade Davis.