JULY 2019

Meeting- July 6, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President Wade Davis

Followed by pledge to the flag John Lee

Prayer by Floyd Johnson


Reading minutes from May 4, 2019 by Secretary Eddie Tardy 

Minutes were accepted Jerry Killin

Financial Report-Secretary Tardy was asked to read this report by Treasurer 

Beginning balance 5-4 2632.43


 266.90 STATIONARY -1500.90

Deposit  100.00LESSENCE LLC

  3760.00 1687 FOUNDATION 

 100.00 R. BELL


Ending balance 7-6-19---------8124.52

President Wade Davis thanked everyone for Fisher House donations and invited members to contact him if interested in being present when items are given to Frank Kelly at Fisher House.

Our Website expired in May, Cheryl our webmaster gave us options since our old website more than doubled in price. Our executive board decided on a new website provider-1234.31 for 5 yrs. and it is redesigned. President encouraged members to go online and view. President asked for show of hands for approval on new website.

President stated before we go into new business he introduced items than Karen Petty, our Visor Chief, wanted to discuss:

1)Support Group Thursday meetings 

1St Thursday- I phone group with Sherry Battles leading this at 10:30am

2nd & 4thThursday-Wellness Emotional Support Group lead by psychologist Dr.Inena.

3rdThursday-education group meeting with different speakers

no commitment for group, come when you can

Karen also mentioned new application for your I phone -Tele Help wherein you can speak we your providers from home. Let Karen know if you are interested in this app and she will help you get started.

2)White Cane Day for Veterans possibly on a Saturday morning. Speakers and Information on eye disease and other services for low vision veterans.

Karen invited members to sign up for planning/steering committee meeting with Dr. Perez. Details will follow.

This event is in addition to the White Cane event that takes place at the Mayors office.


President  Davis asked if members would be interested in Facebook page GHRBVA- members stated they were not interested at this time.

Tom has secured Astros baseball game  tickets for July 24, 2019 at 1:00pm President had sign up sheet passed around. Use Right field entrance.18th and 19th of July, tickets will be available in the Visor Office.

August 29,2019 is date for another game at 1pm. Tickets available in Visor Office 21 and 22 of August in the Visor Office. Right field field entrance.

Special Mode Transportation was discussed. This is for disable veterans who are blind or visionally impaired or needs special transportation assistance vehicle will come and pick you up. Medical doctor must put this information in your medical records. President stated that this is now law and should be implemented soon in our area. This should be a direct door to door service for rural area veterans also.

Karen suggested that members contact Barbara Davis at Visor Center once this information has been noted in your medical records and she will assist in getting you set up for this service.


President Davis stated that a committee was formed including John Lee, Jerry Myers and Jerry Killen along with executive board to imput language indicating how our chapter group would work. This document -as Article 14 was read by the president. Motion was made to accept Article 14.

President stated that at Sept meeting we will vote on approving/accepting Beaumont Chapter. 

Elected Delegate and Alternate Delate Information

- Convention will be in Tulsa Okla. August 12-16th. Delegate is given $1000.00 for cost of expenses to the convention. Members voted on continuing this process.

Jerry Meyers was nominated and will represent our group this year. Richard Douglas nominated and will serve as alternate delegate. John Lee donated 500.00 and Eddie Tardy 100.00 to be given toward Richard Douglas trip.

President read one by one proposed amendments and members discussed and voted. Our delegate will represent our vote at the Convention.

President asked District Rep. Kevin Jackson for comments

prayer by Mr. Primo.

Meeting was adjourned by

Wade Davis-President.