MARCH 2020

Meeting Minutes March 7, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 10:30 am by regional group President Wade Davis. The Pledge of Allegiance led by Sargent of Arms Melvin Gatewood. Prayer by Paul Kennedy. Reading of minutes of last meeting were waved by a vote of members. Treasurer  Richard Douglas had not arrived yet so President Davis said the finances of the Greater Houston Regional Group were very sound with a balance of just over $11,000.00. 

Under old business John Lee stated the Southeast Chapter had not received their check from Greater Houston to get their chapter group started. Mr. Douglas had checks with him and Mr. Lee received check at end of meeting.

New business Karen Petty VISOR Chief gave updates. Starting the next Monday March 9, 2020 everyone entering the Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital will undergo screening due to COVID-19. Please expect long lines to enter the hospital so come early. Wellness Center is closed therefore the 1 touch program is on hold for now. Bowling and any trips thru Rec Therapy have stopped for now.

President Davis talked about how BVA works to get law passed thru Congress to benefit Blind Veterans.

Jerry Killion made a motion to get a committee together to start studying how our we can do conference call for our regional group meetings. Wade Davis said he already has a conference call account and would call to meeting of the executive committee to discuss this. A vote was taken and voted for the executive committee to work out these details.

Jerry Killion informed us that the Southeast Chapter of the Greater Houston Regional Group will have it’s swearing in to officer ceremony on Tuesday March 10, 2020 at R C Miller Library 1605 Dowlen RD. Beaumont, Texas at 11:00 am. Everyone is invited.

Election of Regional Group Officers

For Treasurer: Wade Davis nominated Richard Douglas there was a second by Melvin Gatewood. There were no other nominations John Lee made a motion to accept by proclamation and motion carried. 

For Secretary: John Lee nominated Eddie Tardy second by Wade Davis. There were no other nominations John Lee made a motion to accept by proclamation and motion carried.

For Vice President: Eddie Tardy nominated Jerome Ammons a second by John Lee. Richard Douglas nominated Paul Williams second by Paul Kennedy. John Lee made a motion that nominations be closed and motion carried. Vote was taken on paper ballots. There were 15 members present to vote. The ballots were returned and count was made, 8 votes for Paul Williams and 5 votes for Jerome Ammons. Paul Williams is new Vice President.

For President: Jerry Killion nominated Wade Davis second by John Lee. There were no other nominations John Lee made a motion to accept by proclamation and motion carried.

Regional Group President Wade Davis gave the BVA oath of office to Vice President: Paul Williams, Secretary: Eddie Tardy and Treasurer: Richard Douglas. Eddie Tardy then gave the oath of office to President: Wade Davis.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.