Meeting- September 7, 2019 

Meeting was called to order by Sergeant at arms Kevin Gatewood 

Followed by pledge to the flag 

Prayer by John Amos 


Reading minutes from July 2019 by Secretary Eddie Tardy 

Minutes were accepted 

President Wade Davis asked delegate Jerry Myers for a recap of the 74th BVA National Convention that was held in Tulsa, Okla. Mr. Myers presented an excellent detailed report of the meetings and outcome of resolutions adopted. 

President Davis asked Richard Douglas for the reading of the Financial 

Report-Secretary Tardy was asked to read this report by Treasurer 

Beginning balance 7-1-19----8124.52 

Expenses -Delegate trip ------- 1000.00 

Delegate alternate--500.00 

Deposit- 500.00 

Ending balance 8-31-19---------7124.52 


John Lee, Jerry Killion and Jerry Myers motioned for approval of a new chapter of the Greater Houston Regional Group in the Beaumont that will serve counties Newton,Jasper,Liberty,Tyler,Pope,Orange,Jefferson,Hardin,Chambers. The name for this Chapter is Southeast Texas Chapter of the Greater Houston Regional Group.Motion was second and approved. January 2020 will be the first meeting and officers will be elected.