Section 1. The Regional Group shall elect officers each year from among its members and Associate Members in good standing at a meeting of the membership, and all Members and Associate Members in good standing shall be notified, in writing, in advance for the purpose for which the meeting is called (see Section 4 of ARTICLE V above).

Section 2. The officers elected shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

     a.  However, at it's  discretion, the Group may combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer and have a single office of Secretary/Treasurer (in drafting their bylaws, the Regional Group is required to make a decision concerning whether they wish to have both a Secretary and Treasurer, or whether to combine the offices into one office of Secretary/Treasurer).  

     b.  Additionally, at lt's discretion, the Regional Group may establish the appointed office(s) of Chaplain and/or Sergeant-at-Arms. These officers will be appointed by the President.   Furthermore, at its discretion, the Regional Group may elect or appoint other officers from among its Members and Associate Members in good standing considered necessary for its operation.

 Section 3. Officers shall serve until their successors have qualified. In no case, however, shall an officer serve a period exceeding eighteen (18) months without reelection.